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Kunjungan Mahasiswa Jurusan Ekonomi Sumberdaya Lahan Institute Pertanian Bogor ke Pusat Data Rawa dan Pesisir Sumsel

Pada hari kamis Rabu tanggal 21 Maret 2018 Pusat Data Rawa menerima mahasiswa urusan Ekonomi Sumberdaya Lahan Institute Pertanian Bogor. Mereka datang ke Sumsel sekaligus menghadiri Acara Seminar Hari Air Dunia 2018 di Pasca Sarjana Unsri. Mahasiswa banyak tertarik mendengar penjelasan tentang potensi rawa di Sumatera Selatan dalam mendukung ketahanan pangan dan perkonomian masyarakat.

Mereka berharap bisa datang lagi ke Sumsel untuk penelitian dan berkununjung ke PUSAT DATA RAWA, untuk meliat lebih jauh kondisi laboratorium lapangan yang dimiliki Pusat DATA.

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Farming Systems Study Evaluated from Tata Water and Pollution Potential (Case Study Muliasari Village, District of Tanjung Lago, Banyuasin, South Sumatra)

by Lilian Novarika (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2017) Supervised by Robiyanto H. Susanto and M. F aizal
The wetland area in Indonesia is estimated to be 20.6 million ha or about 10.8% of Indonesia’s land area (Rahmawaty et al., 2014). Farmers’ businesses in Muliasari Village include rice, corn and watermelons developed to support food sufficiency. The problems of agriculture in tidal swamp land are poor water system management especially lack of proper water system in tertiary block to support agricultural activity so that there …

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Agrarian Social Conflict Between the Large Scale Oil Palm Plantation and the Indigenous People (Case Studi at Sungai Beruang Village Batanghari Regency Jambi Province)

by Dcwi Nilakrisna (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2016) Supervised by Dr. M. Ridhah Taqwa, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sriati, MS, Dr. Dadang ll Purnama, M. Hum, Prof.Dr.Ir. Robiyanto H. Susanto
This study discusses the conflicts of natural resources caused by discrimination development policies. Social conflict occurs between the private sectors, government who want to developed the oil palm plantation on the large scare with the indigenous people of Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) Batin 9 Sungai Beruang who depends on the forest resources for living.
This phenomenological …

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Modelling of Water Management for Sustainable Peat Swamp (Case Study in Delta Berbak-Jambi Province)

by Aswandi; (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2016) supervised Robiyanto H. Susanto, Edward Saleh, and Iskhaq Iskandar
The development of drainage system over peat land areas causes the reduction of groundwater table. This condition increases oxidation process leading to peat decomposition, which in turn impacts on abundant release of C02. This environmental impact is an important part of global warming mitigation. Peat oxidation is also responsible for rapid land subsidence in the drained areas and thus decreases land productivity. Accurate simulation of the drainage …

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Effect of Port Development in Tanjung Carat on the Morphodynamic of Banyuasin Estuary, South Sumatra: A Numerical Study

by Pratama Rizqi Ariawan; (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2016) supervised by Prof. Dr. Ir. Dano Roelvink, Prof. Dr. Ir. Robiyanto II. Susanto, M. Agr. Sc., and Dr. Ali Dastgheib.
Tanjung Carat, an area in Banyuasin estuary that is geographically strategic for port development in South Sumatra province, Indonesia. The area provides naturally deep draft, ease navigation, and a sheltered location from any incoming winds and waves. An old study about this area as an alternative solution for future port development has been proposed …

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Evaluating the Options to Improve the Urban Drainage Management and Flood Control. Case Study: Buah Wa’terdhed), Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia

by Citra Girsang: (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2015) supervised by Prof. Dr. Charlotte de F raiture, M.Sc (UNESCO-ME, Delft, the Netherlands), Prof. Dr. 1r. Robiyanto H. Susanto M.Agr.Sc (Sriwijaya University. Indonesia), and Dr. F.X. Suryadi, MSc (UNESCO-1H8, Delft, the Netherlands)
Palembang city as one of the big cities in Indonesia frequently suffer from flood problem, include flood problem in Buah watershed. Flooding in Buah watershed is affected by natural factors, such as: the characteristic of the river that has small capacity, arise oftidal fluctuation …

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Economic Valuation for Water Services from Merapi Volcano National Park, Indonesia Case Study: Kali Kuning

by Ayu Diyah Setiyani; (Thesis M.Sc Unesco-IHE, Delft, Netherland, 2016)  supervised by Prof. Dr. Charlotte de Fraiture, M. Sc.: Prof. Dr. Robiyanto H. Susanto, M. Agr. Sc., and Annelieke Duker, M. Sc.
The process of National Park establishment in Indonesia is coordinated by the Ministry of Forestry. The National Park is developed based on particular considerations such as protecting ecosystem or preserving certain species. Management of national park will not succeed unless the communities surrounding park support the park itself. However, it will be difficult …